It's Time to Feel like

you are a Conqueror and in charge of your Life again.

• Life with a Chronic Condition Doesn't

Have To Stop You...

• It's time to fulfill all of your dreams that have been on the backburner for way too long!

• Feel great inside, look great outside.

Do you look "FINE", but know you're definitely not feeling "FINE"...?

Have you been told by others that there's “nothing wrong” and you keep pushing for answers?

Do you feel like your own body is sabotaging everything you had planned?

Are you frustrated or mad at yourself because your body just doesn't do the things you used to do?

Do you feel lost, like you have so many unanswered questions?

I hear you and have been right where you are!

Let's connect so you can learn the steps I took to becoming my Dynamic Self!

When You Get Diagnosed With A Chronic Illness ~ The Mind Races...

We become fearful of the future because we spend a lot of time worrying or thinking the worst of our current situation...

We feel lost or not fully unsupported by the medical system and need to be more of our own advocate...

Life is not as we had hoped...

We sit wishing there was a better or easier way...



"Together, we'll figure out

what you need for your transformation!"

Never Under Estimate

The Power Of Wellness...

The fact you’re here, shows that you want to live your best life... no what hurdles are in your way!

I know from personal experience that MS and other Chronics can make our lives unpredictable and downright overwhelming at times.

But while nobody can tell us what’s going to happen at any given time . .

What I can tell you? Two things, actually . . .

#1 is that... You are NOT alone in your journey!

You are here because you’re striving to live your best life... regardless of what a Chronic throws your way!

#2... Since I've been navigating life with MS for a long time, I've walked where you're about to go!

You’re about to discover a new chapter is available in your life . . . Because you’ll see why (and how) it’s truly possible for you to get back to thriving . . . in spite of a Chronic Condition.

I understand what it feels like to be ignored, downplayed, and made to feel less than.

In order to navigate this life and thrive, we need the right tools in our toolbox!

Tired of trying to do it on your own? Are you ready to be uplifted and supported with a community of women who are going through similar life events? Let's connect, share and UNITE!

Get started with the Hearts of Wellness Member's Collective!

"I am not a product of my

circumstances, I am a product

of my decisions."

-Stephen Covey

"I am not a product of my

circumstances; I am a product

of my decisions."

-Stephen Covey

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Wendy Bjork Commentaries:  Igniting your Dynamic Self with Wendy Bjork

Your Four Cornerstones™

(Mind, Body, Relationships, and your Environment)


Knowing how to maintain a positive outlook even when things get hard.


Understanding what foods and drinks to choose (or avoid) putting into your body, as well as ON your body in terms of personal care products.


With yourself, your partner/spouse, kids, co-workers, etc. to feel supported and inspired to keep pushing.


Realizing how many hidden toxins are common in our daily environment (home, office, garden, and elsewhere) and how to avoid them.

Never let the past hold you back from moving forward.

We move forward without looking backwards.

The first step to a new beginning is your decision to take action.

I have done the hard work to collapse your timeline and make your journey lighter. The time is now to stand up and know you HAVE control over your life and you can live on your own terms!


A Blueprint + Journal Bundle for Balancing Your Life

How many times have you been at your doctor's appointment and you were asked about symptom dates or you had questions?

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Holistic living is a creating a balanced lifestyle to health and wellness.

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Small steps = Big Changes:

With ourselves, our families, and our environment!


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into your life, one step at a time.

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