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What Is The Collective Exactly?

It is your best way to stay connected to the health and wellness content we release. These self driven learning modules are available to you 24/7.

Get ready to be empowered, inspired and uplifted!

  • Full Access Health & Wellness Membership

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Being Seen. Be Heard.

Be Understood.

When You Get Diagnosed With A Chronic Condition ~

The Mind Races...

We become fearful of the future because we spend a lot of time worrying or thinking the worst of our current situation...

We feel lost or not fully unsupported by the medical system and need to be more of our own advocate...

Life is not as we had hoped...

We sit wishing there was a better or easier way...



"Together, we'll figure out

what you need for your transformation!"

Never Under Estimate

The Power Of Wellness...

The fact you’re here shows that, like me, you’re a fighter and want to live your best life... no matter what the MonSter throws your way!

I know from personal experience that MS can make our lives unpredictable and downright overwhelming at times.

But while nobody can tell us what’s going to happen at any given time . .

What I can tell you? Two things, actually . . .

#1 is that... You are NOT alone in your journey!

You are here because you’re a conqueror and are striving to live your best life... regardless of what a Chronic Condition throws your way!

#2... Since I'm living life with MS, I've walked where you're about to go!

You’re about to discover a new chapter is available in your life . . . Because you’ll see why (and how) it’s truly possible for you to get back to thriving . . . in spite of Chronic Condition


What's the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time and you won't be charged again.

When are the Monthly Broadcasts and how do they work?

The Monthly broadcasts are video broadcasts from Wendy loaded into the portal within 24 hours after the live. They take place the first Thursday of each month on Zoom and don't worry if you can't make it live you can send her your questions ahead of time!

Wendy begins with the theme for the month and then answers any questions from the member's emails.

You can watch these at your convenience, as often as you like.

What if I don't have time?

That is the beauty of The Membership Collective. It will be here for you 24/7, day or night, weekends and Holidays. When you are ready to take a bit of time for you. Everything is provided in short, easy to understand videos.

Taking time for YOU is important just like your salon appointment, watching your favorite tv show or your other forms of self-care!

Even if you're a busy mom running kids to all their events, this will easily fit into our life!

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