Wendy Björk aka The Empress of MS™ is of the Hearts of Wellness. Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 35 years, she has developed her holistic Four Cornerstone Method™ to help clients regain control of their lives in spite of an MS diagnosis.

It's your time

to Shine!

An extreme pioneer in advocacy and mentorship, Wendy is leading a global revolution to change the face of MS. She has authored two books and contributes to the National MS Society's Momentum Magazine.

She is regularly invited to expert discussions, international podcasts, and interviews to share her story.

We will work together towards Thriving, Infusing Fun, and Joy. One step at a Time.

We must trust in our own Divine Plan!

Positive energy and gratitude are the keys to everything. When we release gratitude for the small things, we open up space for the big things.

We need to listen and follow our heart.

When we listen closely, the answers are found inside of us. We are born with that sense of knowing, that "feeling" and it's so important to respect and acknowledge it.

Know you are never alone.

Having a support circle can change everything. Your attitude, your outlook, your Life.

No one expects you to be perfect. It's just one step at a time. At your pace.