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toxin free

In the very recent months, we have been told to bleach everything everywhere and often… if you have kids in school, the usual disinfection has been ramped up to a never before seen proportions.

I get it, there’s germs to get rid of. But I am afraid to see what the long-term health effects of all of these “normal” everyday products are going to have on everyone’s health once we head down the road.



Peace of mind is meant to be embraced. Connecting with your emotions helps you move along on your path.

Gratitude journaling

Staying rooted and grounded will propel you forward. As well as always finding grace and gratitude.

Tenacity is a lifestyle

Living with Multiple Sclerosis is more challenging than most people can comprehend.

We each have a unique Journey.

Sometimes we receive a wake-up call to look at life from a different angle and we realize how powerful we actually are.

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