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By: Wendy Bjork

In recent months, we have been told to bleach everything everywhere and often… if you have kids in school, the usual disinfection has been ramped up to never-before-seen proportions.

I get it, there are germs to get rid of. But I am afraid to see what the long-term health effects of all of these “normal” everyday products are going to have on everyone’s health once we head down the road.

Just inhaling the fumes from chlorine bleach can harm your lungs and cause all sorts of problems…chlorine gas was used against our enemies in World War One, as a chemical weapon. Let that sink in!

When I was diving into the idea of creating a healthy home, I discovered things in my kitchen, bathroom and laundry room that were harmful... Stuff I was breathing, slathering on my skin and using to wash my clothes. And you think, How is this possible? I wouldn't ever expose my family to ingredients like chlorine, phthalates or parabens. It's just normal everyday items I would throw into my cart at Target or the grocery store or that bath & body store in the mall.

In reality, any of these substances may contribute to our toxin burden and could all cause many different physical reactions that aren't noticeable on the surface, such as silent inflammation inside the body resulting in headaches, brain fog, being exhausted or something worse... When you're constantly surrounded by these foreign invaders, it's only a matter of time before your body can't handle it and you begin to show symptoms of an illness.

There's a very high probability that there are products containing some of the biggest offenders in your cabinet right now.

Understanding all of the different ways chronic inflammation affects our health is so important. Exposure to these harmful products aren't always obvious right away as allergies, respiratory problems or skin issues. And it may not surprise you that certain household items are just bad for your overall health and your family's health.

This is where I began to not be so trusting of it all, and started reading the labels. I started to see the value of creating a toxin-free healthy home.

My body was finally being allowed the relief to start healing and I was horrified to think of what could happen with my boys’ health from continuing to do what I was doing and using these harsh chemicals. It's terrible how these perfectly normal-appearing products are actually dangerous chemicals we don't think twice about. Or don't realize the consequences of when they are mixed together.

There are safer and healthier ways to achieve the results you are looking for, without damaging your lungs, inducing skin rashes, headaches, sleepless nights, or brain fog!

We each have a unique Journey.

Sometimes we receive a wake-up call to look at life from a different angle and we realize how powerful we actually are.

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