Never let the past hold you back from moving forward.

We move forward without looking backwards.

The first step to a new beginning is your decision to take action.

I have done the hard work to collapse your timeline and make your journey lighter. The time is now to stand up and know you HAVE control over your life and you can live on your own terms!


A Journal for Balancing Your Life

How many times have you been at your doctor's appointment and you were asked about symptom dates or you had questions?

Empress VIP Experience

Spend a virtual day with Wendy learning how to become an Empress of MS. Bespoke pre-event package of gifts sent ahead of your time together including lunch delivery for the complete experience.

Protect Your Home; Protect Your Health Virtual Workshop

earn the simple steps for creating a healthy home to keep you and your family happy and feeling great.

Private Coaching with Wendy

Receive 1:1 private coaching to complete your lifestyle reset. Wendy will link arms with you to empower you and light the way.

Be true to yourself and love yourself.

We live in a time like no other for our voices to be heard with your Hearts of Wellness family supporting you and lifting you up.


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