Toxin Free Home

Have you ever wondered why the cleaning aisle in the store is soooo overwhelming?

Or maybe you’re like me and you get an instant headache from the candle aisle too….

It’s because there have been Thousands of synthetic chemicals produced since WWII and we find these “concoctions” in our laundry products, dish cleaner, all purpose sprays and the list goes on and on!

All of the impossible to say and spell “ingredients” on the labels of our daily household cleaners, shampoo, laundry soap are actually harsh chemicals.

Did you know air fresheners really don’t freshen the air, they just numb your sense of smell?

I created a quick and easy 7 Day Sweep Challenge  to help you figure out where the sneaky toxins are hiding… together we can create a Healthy Home.  Click the button below to get all the details!