3 Day Master Class For A Harmonious Holiday!

May You Be In a Calm Holiday Flow This Season!


12/08 - 12/09 - 12/10 (3:33 PM EST/2:33 PM CST)

It's Your Holiday and Feeling Peace + Calm Is Your Right!

Can You Imagine the Feeling...

  • Sending the stress and overwhelm up the chimney!

  • It's your holiday to enjoy, to have fun and be creative.

  • This is the time of year to enjoy family and friends and you get make the choices.

  • Preventing losing track of gifts or mix-ups.

  • Over-Doing it is out the window!

  • Only doing what feels good, worrying what others think has left in the sleigh!

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12/08 - 12/09 - 12/10 (3:33 PM EST/2:33 PM CST)

An extreme pioneer in advocacy and mentorship, Wendy is leading a global revolution to change the face of MS.

She has known for a long time some of the aspects to living a balanced life come from giving ourselves grace, being in alignment with our truth and always being willing to learn new things.

She has authored two books, co-authored the International #1 Best Seller "Fired Up" and contributes to the National MS Society's Momentum Magazine as well as her lifestyle column with the Price of Business Digital Network.

She is regularly invited to expert discussions, international podcasts, and interviews to share her story and journey with multiple sclerosis.

When she isn't writing or speaking, she loves reading, eating chips with fresh guacamole and watching all things Yellowstone.

We will work together towards Being Dynamic.

Infusing Fun, and Joy.

One step at a Time.

It's Time For Your Best Holiday Season Ever!